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-Oh. Yo Mama. Yo mama’s so fat, [FART NOISE]
her farts cause global warming. [FART NOISE] I’m sexy and I know it. Oh. Oh. Ugh! I work out! Yo mama’s so stupid. When she got locked in a grocery
store, she starved to death. Oh come on. Not next to the beef jerky. Yo mama’s so short. -When she smokes weed– –she can’t even get high. Come on. Pass that shit over here. Stop bogarting the joint. Yo mama’s so hairy,
Bigfoot took her picture. Oh, shit. I found him! I’m going to be a
frickin’ millionaire! Yo mama’s so ugly, when
the Kool-Aid man busted through her wall,
he said, oh, no. No. No. [FART NOISE] Yo mama’s so frickin’ fat,
her splash attack does damage. Yo mama’s so poor, the
ducks throw bread at her. -You’re despicable. -[SCREAMING] -Yo mama’s so hairy, she
gots afros on her nips. -Can you dig it? -How disgusting! Yo mama’s so fat,
she got arrested for carrying 10 pounds of crack. -Just get in the freakin’ car! -Your mama’s so
stupid, she thought fruit punch was a gay boxer. -Did somebody say K. O.? [LAUGH] -K. O.! -Yo mama’s so old, when I
told her to act her age, she freakin’ died. Smells like decomposition. Yo mama’s so hairy, when
she gave birth to you, you got carpet burn, bro! Yo mama’s so ugly,
the Forever Alone guy denied her friend request. [LAUGH] Fuck no! Yo mama’s so fat,
Stephen Hawking based his black hole
theory on her asshole. Damnit, Hawking! -No. -[BELCH] Yo mama’s so stupid, she brought
a spoon to the Super Bowl. yeah! And the fat one brought cereal. Yo mama’s so short, she
hangglides on a burrito! Yo mama’s so hairy, she
stars in Donkey Kong games. God damn those fucking bees! All those bees! Fuck! What’s up, assholes. Brody here. New jokes are coming
soon, so sit tight. Are some of my pals are
going to be joining me– eh? It’s going to be like,
bro-dad and– I don’t know. Get some!

73 thoughts on “YO MAMA JOKES – BEST OF VOLUME 2”

  1. Yo mama so stupid when someone try to do omae wa mou shinderu,she gave birth, I am a kid love your videos

  2. Yo mama so fat last Christmas she took a Christmas picture and the next Christmas it was still printing

  3. I have a question for the yo mama's so stupid I know she's stupid but couldn't she just go over there and get some food maybe that's why she's so stupid

  4. Yo mama soooo soo so FAT everytime she steped on the ground it created an earth quake
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  5. Yo mama soooo soo so FAT everytime she steped on the ground it created an earth quake
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  6. Yo mama so fat when she take a bath in the bathtub she jump in and the bathtub crack or broken

  7. You mama so stupid when his teacher said vey wer eleaing about pie she ran top deadiool
    Oraifnal comment from sophiea Wood

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