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You can Shave with an iPhone?! (Don’t do this…)

You can Shave with an iPhone?! (Don’t do this…)

There are some very weird accessories designed
for smart phones, and iPhones in particular, that aren’t always safe, including one that
claims to be an electric razor powered from an iPhone’s lightning port. Things are about to get weird. Huge thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring
this video. Let’s get started. [Intro] Let’s start with this fan thing. It’s got a micro USB main port with an iPhone
lightning port adapter. The fan has soft rubber propellers that are
friction fit to the shaft of an electric motor. You might be thinking to yourself, ‘wow, that’s
pretty cool. Iphones might actually be good for something.’ But here’s the problem, iPhones are not designed
to throw this kind of power out of the phone. Some Android phones can, but by powering third
party accessories with a lightning port, there’s a high risk of frying the internal charging
port circuit board. It could burn out and stop charging altogether,
basically ruining your phone…which actually sounds kind of fun to me. So let’s try another weird accessory. This one is an electric razor that’s powered
by the lightning port. It can plug directly into your phone to steal
some power. I use the word ‘steal’ because that’s exactly
what it’s doing. The iPhone is definitely not designed for
this. [Buzzing sounds] It sounds like it’s working,
and nothings exploded yet. But it’s also doing pretty much nothing as
far as shaving goes. In fact, it stopped working. [Buzzing sounds] Apparently the top protective
metal screen was too tight. And the iPhone also isn’t strong enough to
push the motor…even though it’s not currently cutting anything. Even while pulling power directly from the
iPhone, it’s pretty gutless. [Buzzing sounds] The protective metal screen
can be unscrewed while the electric shaver is in operation. This is extremely unsafe. I like razor blades as much as anyone, but
spinning razor blades are where I draw the line. Let’s take this apart and see what’s inside. The spinning triple razor blade propeller
can slide off the motor shaft easy enough. And the bottom plastic cap can be pried off
of the razor housing. I’m currently taking apart a razor with a
razor. The lightning port is directly wired into
the motor, and the motor itself is just press fit into the blue plastic housing. It’s a tad bigger than the other motors inside
the little electric fans, but everything is still pretty generic. Even after being taken apart, it still functions
when plugged into the iPhone. The shaft of the electric shaver motor is
the same diameter as the electric fan motor, which means that the blades are interchangeable. Technology is getting pretty weird lately. So now we know that unapproved third-party
accessories that plug into your iPhone can potentially destroy your phone. So what about this guy? This, my friends, is a car charger with an
internal battery and built-in electric shaver – something you never knew you wanted and
still probably don’t. [Buzzing sounds] It already sounds like way
more of a beast than the other guy. It’s got a protective plastic cap and a USB
out port to charge up your phone while plugged into the 12-volt auxiliary outlet in your
vehicle. Interesting design, but does it work? [Buzzing sounds] Absolutely not. Not a single hair was cut today. Now that we know the shaving car charger is
also completely worthless, let’s see how it’s put together. It has the same spinning razor blade propellers
that the first guy did, but this time there are actual screws holding it together. I’ll unscrew the pointy metal tip, which can
also be used to crack glass windows in an emergency. Thumbs up for that. And then I’ll pinch the metal tabs while prying
the circuit board loose out of the plastic housing. It’s a pretty crazy looking contraption. The metal tip is what gets pressed into the
12-volt car outlet. And the springy side tabs touch the negative
wall to complete the circuit. This then charges the internal battery and
powers the spinning razor blades. Pretty interesting…even if it’s not very
functional. One functional way to shave time and shave
money (the guy who came up with that deserves a raise), is with Dollar Shave Club. Razors at the store are usually pretty expensive. Dollar Shave Club is a place online that cuts
out the middle man and sells razors for pretty cheap. For just $5 you get a starter kit sent to
your door. This includes an executive razor handle, four
razors, shave butter, and face cleanser. That’s cheaper than what you can get at the
store, and it’s delivered right to your door on your own schedule…for $5. Dollar Shave Club is not just about shaving
either. You can toss in things like a toothbrush or
hair products, if you’re the kind of person who has hair. After you get the $5 starter box, a restock
box will come with regular sized products at the regular price. But if being clean isn’t your thing, you can
quit whenever you want. I’ll leave a link down in the description. Or you can just go to
to get started. Thanks to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring
this video. They seem to be infinitely more effective
than the other useless and electronically dangerous accessories we tested today. As always, link in the description. Hit that subscribe button. Come hang out with me on Twitter and Instagram. And thanks a ton for watching. I’ll see you around.

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  1. I remember having one of those, iPhone only, usually stopped after a while. The plug broke off after a short amount of time.

  2. Dollar shave club has a really good dedication to sponsor this dedication has inspired me to buy 100 kits When I grow older and actually have money

  3. That shaving tool is actually made for taking away dust off clothing … I think that what my one does at least.

  4. iShave, $100 for the dongle, $500 for the actual iShave, $300 for replacement blades (the iShave explodes if using 3rd party blades.)

  5. The shaver is obviously for short hair on your face. It just pushes long hair towards the skin while short hair get into the holes and get cut

  6. "I'm currently taking a part a Razor wit a Razor" Like how you got out of your way to mention that 😂 play by play commentary at it's finest. Lol

  7. It's a fabric shaver. It shaves off the little bits of fabric that accumulate on your clothes after a few washes. Makes your old fabrics softer.

  8. I really don't understand why Zack doesn't just use the XR or the XS or even the s10 that he durability tested and keeps his s8. Like you have the phone and you yourself have talked about how you use the phones you durability test so why not just use it. It's just a few scratches fam just us it.

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