100 thoughts on “You Don’t Need A 5G Phone (Yet)”

  1. In case you missed the description or the special callouts in the voiceover: this video was shot and edited ENTIRELY on the Galaxy Note 10+ using Adobe Rush! So if you're asking about 16:9 or the reduced resolution or audio quality – there's your answer! 🙂 Otherwise, what do you think? It's been a fun adventure to build this one and I'd love your feedback!

  2. Wow, that is pretty telling. 5G doesn’t look good at all if all it takes are leaves to disrupt bandwidth.

    You would have to install nodes literally everywhere, which is obviously unsustainable.

  3. Man, I'd watch any video you make whether it's on a phone or PC just cause you make great videos period. So is the fix to these nodes improving on it or is it that the nodes themselves faulty?

  4. Sprint and T-Mobile are going to use a different wave length that has slower speeds but better reception. I feel like that’s the smarter approach

  5. To be honest, the only thing that bothered me a little was the audio quality, but the editing was truly nice. Maybe not at the level of editing on a computer, but definitely close. Oh and it must've been so good to use the Spen to do the editing, I use it to edit photos on my Note 8 and I LOVE it. Great vid! I enjoyed it!

  6. Mate, you look like someone that's up their own a*se, sound like someone that's up their own a*se, and because you're in favour of EMF supported tech, are in fact spreading death and destruction around the world. Too much? Just wait.
    OR do some research, beginning with the EMF scientists' appeal to the united Nations, and become a serious human being. Your choice.

  7. I will use 5G phone in 4 or 5 years. Not in hurry not because they're expensive i think we need more time cause most places are still 4G. Save your bucks.

  8. Finally got the chance to watch this video and I must say I enjoy these types of videos that showcase the power and quality our mobile phones are able to produce now. The biggest sacrifice really was the noticeable difference in audio. So I'm all in for more of this. I haven't tried Adobe Rush on Android but I absolutely love PowerDirector for my start to finish mobile editing setup.

  9. Honestly, if it wasn't for the lackluster screen recording, I wouldn't have known it was edited on a phone (let alone shot on one!). The audio quality is… fine… but the video quality is on par with the normal quality!

  10. I used premiere rush for some videos before it got the speed change update and the thinkpad o was using could barely keep it kicking. The software itself is a lol frustrating to use but it's impressive ight

  11. I'm still running a Samsung S7 Edge at the moment and said I would only switch to a new handset when I see a real difference in the tech provided other than the camera. I imagine in a year or two I will make the switch as this is just not viable at the moment. And to be honest I'll probably be looking for a mid-range phone as I'm not paying four figures for a phone.

  12. Immediately I noticed the mic quality was worse than expected, but it all made sense when I learned you shot and edited it on the Note

  13. Hey Michael just wanted to know one thing as the tower will be lower than 4G for better connectivity will that not be serious problem for animals specially birds i knw every one wants 5G but it shouldn't harm the nature

  14. use Huwaeis 5g phones instead. Its the problem with qualcom x50 which is 5g only so it switches network. Use an huwaei phone with kirin 990, Balong 5000 etc. Try it find yourself what happens, you may benifit from it.

  15. For a casual YouTube watching in a cafe the video was more than ok, i think you should keep doing it. Especially if we can see the outdoor background all the time.

  16. Yeah you could tell right away that you weren't using your usual camera gear, but especially the editing I was surprised by how good you managed to get it on a phone

  17. By saying its not ready yet, you're slowing the improvements of it, no one will buy, bo carrier will improve in high rates since no body is owning one

  18. I´m more impressed by the video quality and editing on the Note than the 5G Network. 5G is the future and everything but it needs more time to be good and useful. And to be fair the speeds are great but LTE is actually not that bad and for some people even faster than there home network.

  19. Absolutely brilliant, down;pacing AR right not to edit on my note 10 plus. Love to see more videos edited on the note. Audio was fine to be frank. Thank you.

  20. If there is so much problems, how is south Korea doing it.
    5g is widespread in the most cities, and average mobile internet speeds shot up to almost 100Mbps (avg of all 5g, 4g, 3g, 2g speed test on ookla all over the country)

  21. And this is why 5G is such a dumb idea. Some of this can be improved as it was for 4G, but much of it can’t be, it’s just physics. Higher frequencies can not penetrate objects as well as low frequencies.

  22. Wow 4G has really been around for 10 years?!🤯 And my galaxy s4 variant ( released about 4 years later) didn't have 4G. I guess 5G will take even longer than i thought to become standard

  23. Thanks Michael for another great video. I have watched many of your videos. I can happily report that I'm pleased you shot this video entirely with the Note 10+ because I recently bought this same phone. Video and audio quality was more than acceptable. Please do more videos entirely with the Note 10+!

  24. You should try and shoot a video with an iPhone, I'd love to see how much the quality differs from the Note and the iPhone!

  25. The reason why the 5G tower can build so fast in China is because they really don't care scenery and they don't care the effect on human body long term!! Plus they are nationalized company !!! Plus they also use 5G to spy on its own people!!!

  26. I'm actually really impressed that you were able to shoot, edit, and voice-over this video completely on your phone. The sound quality is really good, considering. I think 5G needs to come down in frequency a fair bit to overcome the blockage from walls, windows, etc.

  27. Absurd. 5G is absurd. Maybe some providers might rather want to start spending some time bringing Internet TO NEW YORK CITY, that seems to be doing more or less without ANY usable Internet access (and users pay 40 times what a user would pay anywhere else in the world for actual 24/7 stable, highspeed connection including most third world countries) AND WHILST THAT IS HOW IT STANDS WE'RE TALKING 5G? ULTRA HIGH SPEED ON THE SIDEWALK as long as you're no further than 60 feet from the antenna?! Imagine for a moment what enormous amounts of cables and work would be involved in rolling out a grid where you need like 250 antennas or more for every 5 floors up PER CITY BLOCK ! in my nick of the woods I do get reliable 4G with plenty of speed and there is only one antenna needed for several square miles – I get on demand video that starts playing in 4K in well under a second from the moment I click on something to request it. The experience is so good it seems full fledged instantaneous, there is so little delay you don't notice that there's ANY. But in fourth world countries like the United States they can't in their most prominent of cities provide ANY connection with any reliability and ANY speed good enough to even use it in the most humble of manners.. AND YOU WANT TO PUSH FOR 5G DEPLOYMENT? It is like England, where they invented the train, but they can't run them.. poor people who are forced to use a system THAT bad and are made to pay hefty sums for no service and hours of standard delays on any track any day of the week. It is as if they would now want to push for Elon's technically impossible bs air pressure tube transport whilst they haven't managed to organise the much simpler form they ARE able to run in a reliable fashion anywhere else in the world. Not even to mention the unpleasant feeling you get from a growing suspicion this time we REALLY might be talking a type of tech that could hurt us – if not physically like with those hundreds of mysterious dead birds in the inner city on The Hague that day they tested 5G frequencies only for a few hours, fact is it seems so over the top, so impractical, and so unnecessary, this time I would REALLY vote for NOT HAVING IT. Not in the near future. Certainly not now.

  28. Im personally waiting a long time before I even bother with 5g. LTE is fine for almost everything i do and at work I still have access to HSPA+ which is fine enough for most basic tasks still.

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