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Your next car may be Chinese and electric

Your next car may be Chinese and electric

– Oh my God! These guys are in Shenzhen, a city in south China
that’s one of China’s tech hubs. Electric cars are everywhere here. China has never been one of the world’s
great car-making countries. But what’s happening in Shenzhen right now
could be a glimpse into the future. A future where the world gets its cars not only from
the US, Japan, and Germany, but also from China. I’m Isabelle Niu. This is Quartz. The Tesla bros from before are actually not
your typical electric car drivers in Shenzhen. These guys are: cab drivers. Every day around noon, a food truck comes with $2 lunch
for taxi drivers waiting for their cars to charge. Shenzhen has more than 12,000 electric taxis, and they all need to be charged for at least an hour a day. Charging stations like this
are popping up everywhere in Shenzhen. Electric cars have become a big part of people’s daily lives here
in a way that just hasn’t happened in most of the West. Qiu Kaijun runs a news site
for electric vehicle industry insiders. Most of the cars sold in China still run on gasoline. The country has a long way to go before it’s fully electric. But it now buys and sells more electric vehicles,
or EVs, than the rest of the world combined. But China also has something most Western countries don’t: A government with the power to subsidize big bets that
would be too risky in a more free-market economy. The market EVs wasn’t big enough because of
their high cost, and the hassle of charging them. China dealt with that by building tons of charging stations, making up the price differences with huge subsidies, and making it really inconvenient for a lot of people to drive gas cars. In Shenzhen, if you want to buy a gas car, you have
to pay over $10,000 just for the license plate. And in Beijing, you’re only allowed to drive
a gas car on certain days of the week. Ren Bin has been a full-time driver
on ride-hailing apps for four years. Three months ago, he switched to driving this electric car. Subsidies are only part of the reason, though. He didn’t really have a choice. Recently, Shenzhen announced that in two years, drivers of gasoline cars
will no longer be allowed to drive for ride hailing apps at all. China isn’t the only country trying to tip the scale for EVs. In Germany, local governments are starting to ban gas and diesel cars. Japan has offered subsidies for EVs since the mid 90s. But China has gone the farthest and the fastest. It’s estimated that, between 2016 and 2020,
the government plans to pay out $56 billion in subsidies. The government has also thrown money
at Chinese companies that want to make EVs, even if they have barely any car-making experience. One reason for doing this is the environment; air quality in China’s largest cities is famously bad. But there’s an even more important reason: China believes EVs are the future of all cars. So it sees EVs as its ticket to dominating the global
auto market, surpassing the US, Germany, and Japan. Here’s one place that dream is being built: A Shenzhen-based car company called BYD. – Hi, nice to meet you. So this is your headquarters? – Yeah. BYD, which stands for Build Your Dream,
isn’t super well-known outside China yet. But it’s backed by Warren Buffett, and it’s the world’s
second-largest manufacturer of electric cars. It’s exported electric buses to places
like London, California, and Paris. And that’s a big deal. The government’s push for EVs has allowed Chinese companies to become
major players in the global auto market for the first time ever. Another Chinese company, CATL,
just became BMW’s official battery supplier. They replaced Samsung. In an electric car, the battery
makes up as much as 40% of the cost. If a car brand like BMW comes to rely on China for that, that’s a major change in the order
of the global auto industry. The internal combustion engines that power our cars
have been around for over a century. The end of that could be closer than we think. Batteries are getting cheaper, and EVs could be
as cheap as gas and diesel cars by 2025. Governments around the world are already setting timetables
to ban the sales of gas and diesel cars in the next few decades. When that happens, whoever is best positioned to own the EV market now
could come to dominate the global car market. In the near future, more and more cities might start to look like Shenzhen. And the whole world could be driving cars that are made in China.

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  1. If I want to die or my car breaking down, then I'll consider buying a Chinese car. But then I do not have a death wish. Since China can't even make baby food without laced with poison then how can they make a quality car, unless they stole the technology. Same MO for thousands of years.

  2. Bullshit. Unless China ups their quality standards drastically. Powdered Milk scam from a few years back? They even poison their own kids. They eat dogs and sell poison pet food at the same time. China's standard of quality does not meet the worlds standards by a mile. Every second car would burst into flames every week if they came from China. It's also the large corrupt government that allows cheats and scammers to ply their trade. There is no rule of law in China. The law is what ever they say it is at the moment. China is also full of racial bigots and authoritarian thugs because of the lack of rule of law. It's in China's nature to cheat. They can't compete on the national stage because they would get sued into the poor house. Go order on Ebay from China. Half you will be cheated on. The rest will be substandard parts or fraud. 10% will be likely to burn your house down. 1% will be what you acctually ordered and worth using.

  3. They are doing EV's all wrong. They should lease batteries. Stop selling them with the cars. Stop all the charging and standardize and swap batteries. Drive over a robot and it swaps your battery out in 3 min. This way they are always on charge. charged by high standard clean power. Local solar or other means. The batteries stay in a recycling chain limiting waste. Examined for faults or rebuilt removing faulty packs. The driver also has a choice to put in a full battery or a half battery. Say a half battery for weekly short commutes and a full battery for weekend drives or road trips. Then they are not hauling weight all week they are not using. Plus so many other benefits.

  4. it's amazing that China hasn't imported a car over here yet… I used to hear nonsense like they couldn't meet emission standards… bull spin… Cuz the Japanese can do it if the South Koreans can do it the Chinese can do it… Make a decent car…

  5. That's not gonna happen in the Philippines anytime soon, mostly due to the country's dependence on fossil fuels – especially diesel. In addition, the country's antiquated vehicle registration system does not allow electric cars to be registered to private owners because engine displacement must be declared on all vehicles, and the government is too lazy to implement such changes. Because of this, any Tesla you see on Manila roads is not road legal.

  6. In 2011 I bought a Sony Android phone for about $300.
    Today you can get 10 times better phone for less than $150. Thanks to Chinese manufacturers.
    Once China makes more and better cars, whole IC engine industry will go obsolete.

  7. I wouldn't trust a Chinese car, let alone an electric car. No way in hell at this time in history. Heck they still used lead paint on children toys in recent years. The country and culture is to corrupt.

  8. Thats great news… from the last 3 yrs… electric scooter sales in India have been doubling. The best electric motorcycle Revolt400 just got released in India at a price of US$53 per month! Exciting times ahead!

  9. But n Germany the Federal government has done little to encourage EV's, and the big car companies are only entering this market begrudgingly.

  10. Electric cars are the biggest scam! New cars whit euro6 do not pollute the environment at all. The real question is why I can't put solar panels on the house and get electricity myself but I have to hand it over to the city's electricity grid and then they will sell me my electricity at a lower price!? Governments don't care about the environment at all, they just talk nonsense and sell the fog to the world and the right moves are not to pull.

  11. Wow, the infrastructure and public transport of Shenzhen look amazing. Compare to it, Toronto where I currently live, looks like a third world country.

  12. I was in Shenzhen 2 decades ago after Uni. And i can tell you that electric cars was nonexistent. Good on you China. Love from Toronto. P.s. Teo bankrupt taxis in Montreal can learn a thing or two from China. But we are too busy kissing the Americans butt.

  13. Should build a detachable car battery and put on each electric station for exchange so don’t have to wait for charging.

  14. Combustion engines should be banned. The world needs to go green in everything we do. We need to clean up the toxic messes we have made. We need to take care of our planet our only home.



  17. Western countries are slow to react and live in the prehistoric age…the west is poor…since BYD has Warren Buffet on board it's a good investment…

  18. China is concentrating on the higher priced cars with rapid acceleration and long range, I´d like to see more of the American ELF type, an electric bicycle that can be pedalled (reducing recharge time and keeping the driver healthy) the solar cells on the roof doing most, perhaps all, the recharging. This vehicle would be low priced and in reach by the mass of people.

  19. China is leading the way with this vital transportation technology. I just hope we can ever catch up. Meanwhile, we in the U.S. continue to go down the wrong path destroying the environment with more and more fossil fuel drilling and processing. Looks like my first EV will be made in China. The U.S. looses again with short sighted policies.

  20. Makes me laugh America's falling behind with all the f**** greeting motherfukers in here that's why this place never really goes up

  21. The US auto mfg. will never permit allow a single Chinese auto sold in this country. Not one. Americans do not buy sedans, electric car batteries do not last 5yrs.

  22. China aims to dominate in BEVS and Tesla will be the company to help weed out the over 400 auto manufacturers that game the grant system , those that can compete again'st Tesla in China are ready for the word market, those that fail will get no help from the Chinese gov't.

  23. I would buy one because Tesala is still too high in my opinion. China been running their EV for awhile now so I now they make good EVs.

  24. Chinese cars are crap. That's why they dont meet international standards in safety and reliability. The reason is cuz chinese too cheap to spend the money to do R/D to make sure cars are safe and durable. Plus, copying cars are alot harder than copying iphone cases. This is one area chinese will not be able to steal from foreigners.

    Either they have to buy up foreign brands like Volvo or foreign brands will have to import their cars they train chinese workers to assemble back to their countries like they currently do.

    Also, stop usimg warren buffets name to give byd credibility. Warren already said he doesnt even know what or who byd is. He knows nothing about electric cars. He only invested in byd cuz his friend asked him to do him a favor.

  25. I wonder if this is the deal that was made between the U.S and China, as of China making cars in the U.S.. could they be an electric car, considering that China is possibly leading in the electric car and bike market.

  26. An electric Taxi.. something being done that isn't done by Tesla.. this is what needs to be done.. commercial vans and other types of utilitarian vehicles for the workers in major city's.. less pollution and known use of watching the meter to know when to take a break or do other work while recharging happens.

  27. Don’t forget that you already can’t get an american made motor in any affordable snowblower or lawnmower.. same will be for cars at some point

  28. Please keep the electric cars in China for the Chinese people, while we buy the ones made in the USA,Japan and South Korea.

  29. Few probs with EVs =A graany lead just wont cut it, the price of EVs is steadly going up along with the price of their batteries despite the fanboys saying they are coming down this leads to the cost ,buy one that reaches the £40,000 mark and your into the UK luxury car tax [VED ]
    And thats going to cost you £310 per year for 5 years EV or not .

    Home chargers more cost for supply & fit + you have to inform your home insurer who probably raise the premium via the risk .
    Then we come to the gov they slashed the piss por green grant by £1000 ,and then went on to sign up to the planet saving paris climate accord this means that in 2021 the EU are going to UNIFY the cost of energy = massive price hikes for the UK so no more traveling for pennies

    With the Paris climate accord the EU are going to ban all demestic gas boilers /open fire places/wood burners /oil fired heating /water /bottled gas for heating ,this is to falcilitate the UK to go all electric & getting most of their energy from the German energy machine via the german wind farms on and off shore + their fields of solar panels, it should be noted that Mrs May also scapped the feed in tariff and put up the VAT on all things Solar from 5% to 20 % to grease the way for the energy companies !

    Brexit wont make any difference win loose or draw because the UK energy grid is linked with France via the under sea cable /pipe link thats been there since the early 70s the last time it was refurbished was in 2015 =come what may we have to pay the new EU coming energy rates .
    New enery rates mean highe rprofits for the energy companies and of course higher taxes for the government .
    Of course the the government do not want to dicuss this in the public area so channels like the BBC wont be discussing this on any of their news or political chat channels !

  30. No, my next car will be a 1986 BMW 635CSI. I already have two Mercedes (2005 C220 CDI and 2007 E420CDI).I don't want an electric self-driving car. I want a car that makes me dream of the next time I go for a drive. A car that gives me a tingling feeling everytime I grab the keys.
    The only hybrid I'd be willing to buy is the C350e Mercedes, or the 330e BMW, but still a solid no on electrics.

  31. The reason we don’t do more R&D into electric vehicles and manufacture them here in USA is because we’re protecting the oil companies who will be the biggest losers once electric vehicles replace the gasoline powered ones!

  32. Everything is made in China. That's how the Western countries abandon their hard-working citizens by not giving them jobs and letting Chinese get richer and richer by the day! Way to go, World !!!

  33. Nice bit of propaganda ……but everyone knows Chinese made Cars are all rubbish – And BYD are horrible cars! Also, even if every car in China were electric – you still have the problem that all the electricity is produced in COAL FIRED POWER STATIONS. — Come on China – we ain't buying your nonsense. Damn communist liars.

  34. If it can’t go over 300 miles on a charge in all weather conditions then it will not dethrone the internal combustion engine

  35. China. Is moving very fast. ,I wish , India , turkey , Iran and many other countries to move as fast as China it is good for the world , but bad for imperialist Europe

  36. comment section full of American who desperately need to acquire a passport and some serious sessions on brain detox's of fox news.. and also in desperate need to increase their IQ level to the Chinese..

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