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Your Phone: How Often Do You REALLY Use It?

Your Phone: How Often Do You REALLY Use It?

– I use my phone incessantly. – My phone is basically my boredom box. So anytime I get really bored that’s the first thing I go to. – I’m so attached to my phone it’s almost embarrassing. – It’s like I never put it down, ever. – Oh. – God. – If I had to guess I would say maybe around 45 minutes a day. – Humidive-ly, if you
condense it all together, an hour-and-a-half? – I think I’m on my phone like an hour. – Maybe like 13 hours, like a day. – I feel like I don’t
check my phone that much. I’ve always kind of tried to pride myself on being one of those people. So I would guess I check
my phone 30 times a day. – There’s a, like big period of time where I don’t look at it. I just … What, why? – I have a feeling I might
not like what I find out, but I know I probably am not gonna change. – I am so scared that I am the problem. I am the person that I hate. – You know what’s weird? My phone is such a big part of my life and I have no idea how much I use it. – So now I’m home and this is definitely when I check my phone a lot more. – It’s actually kind of embarrassing how much I’ve been using my phone. – Okay, so confession time. I’m at a dinner with friends and the first thing I
did was go on my phone and check my email. – So I’m home from work now and I’m gonna guess my phone usage is gonna double or triple. – So I’m checking my
Instagram in the shower. – I’m trying to get off my phone so I can go to bed. – I feel like I check it more compulsively than I imagine, but maybe
for not quite as long. I don’t know. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. – I’m really nervous to find out how much I actually use my phone. – Like I didn’t realize how many things I use my phone for that I didn’t
really put in my estimate. – I’m terrified of what
this will say about me. – All right, here we go. Ah. – Oh my God. That’s like longer than
most movies I watch. Oh, no. – Whoa, 151 times. Holy shit. Well, I got business to attend to. I gotta reply to everybody. – Whoa. That is not any where near as bad as I thought it would be. Three hours I’m like totally fine with. – Yeah, this seems right. This seems right. This isn’t mind blowing knowing myself. – Oh my God, no. No. Oh, I was completely
wrong on like all counts. Oh my God. – Woo. Okay, 138 pickups to me that’s a lot of checking my phone. That’s a lot of just
constantly going, huh? Huh? Huh? – I was very wrong. I’m really disgusted with myself. This is horrible. – Is this gonna change your phone habits? – I don’t think so. I don’t think so. – I think it’s gonna change what apps I spend time with on my phone. – I make fun of my friends so much for being on their phone
while I’m talking to them. Now I know clearly I am
also one of those people. – For all of my friends who make fun of me for being on my phone all the time I’m actually fairly average. – So my phone’s gonna be a
big part of my life still, but I’m gonna try and use
it in a more healthy way. – It makes me think that maybe I spend way too much
time stuck down like this and it wouldn’t kill
me to keep my head here more often during the day in my life.

100 thoughts on “Your Phone: How Often Do You REALLY Use It?”

  1. I've had this app for awhile and I spend, on average, 5-6 hours on my phone everyday. Sometimes it's only 34 minutes though so who knows.

  2. My iPad (I don't have a phone) gets used way too often. I find that I really rely on it as a distraction especially due to my god awful anxiety levels. I always need to keep my mind occupied on something and it usually always comes back to me on my iPad or computer

  3. As a girl middle school in 2016, I actually never even touch my phone a lot.. Only on the bus to school I really use it. I watch all my YouTube on my iPad. Literally I spend like 14 hours on that thing.

  4. I'm addicted I use my phone 45 minutes a day.yeah right BuzzFeed I use mine 6 hours in the day. I'm not proud of it I'm just telling the truth

  5. I have a app called Hooked where it tells you how much time you spent on your phone and one day I spent 13 hours (10 on youtube)

  6. I spend a lot of time on my phone, but when I get home from school and do whatever sport or activity I have that day, I don't really have anything else to do. Also, if you throw on the hours I spend on my iPad or laptop, I'm scared of what they'd find…

  7. I downloaded a similar app to this and I spend half my time on my phone. That's pretty disturbing. >< My app also tells me how many times I check certain apps too and that's not much better.

  8. I used more than anyone in this video… so do must people. They totally tried not use their phones so the results would be least time on their phones.

  9. I use my phone Almost all day.

    I was using my phone in math behind the computer while "doing work"

  10. I feel like i spend 15 hours, on technology everyday. I wish i was joking, but im not. Then again some of that time is doing school, since Im homeschooled. But i still wish i was joking when i say i think im on it 15 hours.

  11. I wouldn't have that many pickups because I hardly leave the house (I'm a teenager not an adult with responsibilities) so once I do a pickup, I'll probably be on the phone for at least a couple hours. YouTube, man. The most pickups would be while I'm doing schoolwork (I'm homeschooled) cause I get bored and also I have to google stuff relating to the work

  12. I'm on my phone roughly 6hrs on a normal week day and like 15hr on a weekend😂😂😂😂
    Wow I'm glued to my phone

  13. It's okay in the "privacy" of your own home or if everyone else is doing their thing, but it's very rude to take your phone out say at a dinner table with friends/family, while you're on a date, etc. What can be that important to make someone want to look at their phone in the middle of a conversation? Sorry for my rant.. it's a pet peeve of mine.

  14. I use my phone to avoid eye contact with people especially when walking. People LOVE to stare in your eye and look into your soul I swear.

  15. I swear i use my phone constantly. To hear music to Google smth, text someone, watch yt videos ,checking Instagram, Snapchat and so many other things

  16. Literally I never use my phone I'm always playing transfermice on my computer is far bad?😕 I play 18 hours on the computer 😏

  17. These comments are depressing. People are bragging about spending ALL DAY on their phones like its a noble thing? Amazing. We live in a society of drones.

  18. One week in the summer for this year 0 hours 0 min 0 seconds another week for the same camp and vaca

  19. got the premium version of this app and have cut my phone usage by 80%. Glad to see this app getting some recognition.

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  21. I don’t use that app it tells me my screen time every week and how much I use it everyday I use it 4hours and 40 minutes a day

  22. If you want a more accurate time, Download: Usage Tracker- Phone. It allows you to keep track of your phone usage. Download Here: @t

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