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Your Phone Is Dying | CH Shorts

Your Phone Is Dying | CH Shorts

(upbeat music) – Mr. Trapp, I wanna let you know, we’ve
done everything we can, but your phone is dying. – What? No. No, he had a full charge three hours ago. – I’m afraid he’s at 20%. A condition known in the
medical community as, like basically dead already. – Can I see him? Oh no! Oh my god, I knew I shouldn’t
have left my charger at home. Oh, you’re weirdly hot! Oh this is all my fault. – Oh no, don’t say that. – What is, it is. I had Twitter open, I was taking all those pictures of cute dogs I saw on the street. I’m not even gonna look at the pictures. I don’t know why I was taking ’em! – I’m your phone. I’m always gonna be here
for that kinda dumb stuff. (coughs loudly) – I hate to see him like this. Can we plug him in please? Can we get a charger in here please? Can someone get a charger
in here? (yelling) – Mr. Trapp, your phone is very old. The only charger we have
that would even work belongs to Todd, in accounting. – Okay, let’s get it! – I’m afraid Todd was super
weird about loaning it out. – I understand. How much time does he have? – It’s hard to say. With a phone that’s at
20%, they can have a happy, healthy life for another
two, three, five hours, but sometimes it’ll do this thing where it just jumps from 20% to one. Instantly, for no reason. – Why? Why would they do that? – We don’t know. It’s what doctors call, Very Annoying. – Is there something we can do? Can we do that thing where we, close out apps by swiping ’em away? – That doesn’t actually help the battery. – Really? – I’ll check. – No phone, c’mon. – No phone. Save your strength. – I’m a phone. This is what I do! (yells) (coughing) – There are a few things we
can do to prolong his life. – Yes, anything. Yes. – We can put him on airplane mode. – That sounds great. We’re gonna put you on
airplane mode okay, phone? Everything’s gonna be okay. – Airplane mode, no! – It’s the only way that
we can keep you living. – No, I said! I’m a phone. What kinda life is that? I won’t be able to use any of
my apps, not even blutooth. What’s the point of even being on? (coughs) – There’s gotta be something we can do. Can we put him in rice? Let’s put him in rice! (yells) C’mon, let’s get a big bag
of rice in here! (yelling) Just throw him in! (yelling) – That’s for water damage and even then, does that really work? – I’ll check. – No, Mr. Phone, save your strength. I know what I’m talking about, it’s rice. Not magic. – Oh my god. (sad music) I just thought we had more time, you know? God, there’s so much I wanted to do, so much I wanted to ask you. – You know, you can ask me anything. – How old is Goofy’s son supposed
to be in the Goofy Movie? I’ve been arguing with Katie, I just have to know. (beeping) (gasping) – 40. (gasping) He’s 14, years old. (coughs) – Phone? Phone? (beeping) – He was a good phone. – Nah, he was a piece of shit. (phone rings) – I’m so sorry, I have to take this. Hello Dr. Fredericks. – Hello? – Hi, it’s Mike Trapp from College Humor. Click here to subscribe, click here for more fun things, and send help to keep me from sinking. Please, please help. Please help.

100 thoughts on “Your Phone Is Dying | CH Shorts”

  1. The rice thing actually does work.
    Also, Max was 14 and in college?! Why was that never addressed? How was nobody freaking out?

  2. I think I can see plugs behind the bed..and I'm pretty sure that one of the doctors have the exact same phone and a yeah…..I should probably shut up now..

  3. But like real talk today my battery was at one percent so I ran inside jumped on my bed and was about to swerve off it but I heard my jeans rip and I looked and my knee part just ripped and the other knee ripped mysteriously earlier today and I was like "seriously. My favorite home jeans"

  4. Hello doctor fredricks the guy in the phone costume is like “HELLO”! 😅😂😂😅😂. College humor keep making greats content like this!

  5. Twards the end they seem to be able to get a laugh out loud out of me which is kinda hard to do so way to go college humour

  6. Medical conditions for phones labelled by the MIT (Medical Industry of Technology):

    Nochargine is the condition where your phone refuses to respond to a device relating to chargers. Symptoms include if your phone generally isn't charging,if it takes hours to charge,and so on. You know your phone has this condition if it says "Not Charging" next to the charge bar.


    Annaphone is a condition where your phone's battery percentage goes from one percentage straight to another one roughly from 10-30% down. The percentage transition goes straight to each other (example: It doesn't go 20%,then 19%,then so on, it goes from 20% straight to 1%).


    Anti-Interconia is a condition in which your phone's internet connection (WiFi) keeps on going off and off. Make sure to check your router just incase your phone does not have this condition. If the router is ok,check a doctor immediately. Obviously ,the symptoms include when you're internet doesn't work and it says "No Internet Connection" in orange under the WiFi signal.


    Lagethaine is when the lagging on your phone goes over the top. If your phone repeatedly lags,check with the doctor about this condition and see if your phone has it. You must do this if it lags hour after hour and everything,because if it continues for a few months,your phone will immediately be diagnosed with Glitch Cancer,where the lagging is irreversible. Glitch Cancer can also be caused if the repeated lagging is accompanied by a severe crack on your phone's screen.

    There are many more conditions. If you would like them,please visit your local doctors at MIT Hospital (somebody please make a website for the MIT Hospital)

  7. I never have this trouble with my Huawei Mate 9. After a long day, I still have got 50% charge at 8:20 pm. 😉 Yeah my Phone is a real Mate!!!

  8. Weird that my phone is at 20% when I watched this. OMG MY PHONE IS DYING. OH MY GOD. CHARGER PLEASE—OR MAYBE I NEED A NEW PHONE OH SHT

  9. Sonuvabitch,im down to 15% on a samsung
    Im right next to my charger but the cables too short, and im too lazy to do acrobatics
    First world problems suck

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