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Your “Waterproof” Phone … Isn’t

Your “Waterproof” Phone … Isn’t

– [Narrator] You only need
to drop your phone off a boat or into a puddle or
yes, into a toilet once, to wish for a world where all
smartphones are waterproof. Well the good news, a lot of them are, at least water resistant. The bad news, they’re probably not as
resistant as you think. I’m Mr. Mobile and today we’re gonna learn how do decode IP ratings to find out how much water your
gadgets can really handle and we’re gonna talk to the grand marshall of all gear destroyers himself,
Mr. JerryRigEverything, to learn how water wrecks your gadgets and what you can do about it, if it does. Long story short … Oh, I’m sorry. That’s you’re line Zach. – [Zach] Long story short, it’s best to keep your electronics
as dry as possible, but yeah, thanks for
having me on Mr. Mobile. Let’s do this. – [Mr. Mobile] Yes, let’s. Okay, so if your electronic gadget claims that it’s water resistant, odds
are it carries and IP rating and that is one of the most
misunderstood things in mobile. The IP stands for international protection and it’s a huge body of
standards covering everything from power outlets in your
home to street lights, but basically it’s all about keeping harmful stuff from the outside out of the insides of your product. In 2018, most phones that are
advertised as water resistant care an ingress protection
rating of IP67 or IP68. You notice how I said
each number individually, instead of 67, 68. That’s because each digit
means something different. The first number has nothing
to do with water at all. This is all about keeping solids out. In this case, a six means the phone is so well sealed that
not even dust can get in. That’s important to protect the components and also to keep things like
camera lenses free of dust. If you see a number lower than six here, it’s not dust tight, so you’ll wanna take care not to store it in areas with a lot of
sawdust or fine particulates, like I imagine Zach’s workshop is. – [Zach] Fun fact: even
with that protection, earpiece speakers are magnets attracting metal that rips
water resistant speakers to shreds, so accident scan still happen. – [Mr. Mobile] I can’t decide
if that fact is fun or scary. Anyway, if you see and X in
either part of the rating, that doesn’t necessarily
mean it’s unprotected, but it does probably mean it wasn’t tested for that category. The second number of the IP rating is where the waterproofing comes in. The scale goes from dripping
water to spraying water to fiercely spraying water to a total dunk and then various depths of a dunk. And what that boils down
to is if we look at a phone with a 7 rating at the
end, well that should be able to survive while submerged
under one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. That doesn’t mean that it’ll
start leaking after 31 minutes. It just means that’s how
long the test goes for. A phone with an eight at
the end of it’s IP rating should be able to survive in
up to three meters of water, but the exact time and
depth of the test can vary, according to the manufacturer. – [Zach] The deeper you go,
the more pressure there is on the device and the bigger chance that water will get inside and do damage. – [Mr. Mobile] That’s right. Now, as with all numbers,
the IP code can be confusing. First off, the water
rating is not cumulative. What that means is that
a device with an eight at the end of the IP
rating is not necessarily also certified for the same
stuff that a five or a six is. Those ratings use powerful jets
to blast water at the phone from every direction, which is a very different kind of stress than just dunking the unit underwater. If a phone is rated for
both spray and immersion, you’ll see both of those called out on the spec sheet separately, like Sony does with its XZ2 smartphone. But no matter how well you know the code, there are still lots of reasons you should keep your
phone away from water. For that, Zach take it away. Teach us something. – Thanks Ben. First thing to keep in mind is that all of these IP tests assume
that it’s fresh water. Salt from the ocean or
chlorine from the pool can cause near instant corrosion. You’ll notice that after SCUBA divers get out of the salty ocean they’ll rinse off their
gear with fresh water, so that salty corrosion doesn’t
have a chance to set in. Also, let’s say your
phone is about a year old and has been dropped a few times, experienced temperature fluctuations all of which can compromise the adhesive and the IP rating over time. Also, even if the phone
does have an IP rating, almost no manufacturer
will warranty water damage. You might ask how do these companies know that the phone has been wet before. Well, there’s these little white stickers attached to the motherboard
that turn pink when wet. I’ve shown them a few times on my channel and they’re inside every smartphone. Finally, you’ve probably
seen the YouTube videos that dunk a not waterproof phone
in the sink for a few hours and then pull it out
and it’s still working. Even though it’s working, it suddenly does not get
honorary waterproof status. Corrosion is probably already happening inside of that phone. It just might not show up instantly. Water damage is an inevitable cancer. Over time, it will kill the phone. So like I said before, it’s better just to keep your phone dry, as much as possible, and only rely on that
IP rating for accidents. – [Mr. Mobile] Thanks a lot man and I can testify to that last point. I used an LGB30 to film
an afternoon of snorkeling in the Pacific, followed
by tomfoolery in the pool and though I carefully
rinsed it with freshwater, its display flickered out near minutes after I got out of the pool But my producer, Justice,
pride open that sucker, using tools we borrowed from you Zach, we found the culprit, a tiny
and I do mean tiny salt deposit on a pinky nail sized
component right here, where water probably snuck in
through the speaker membrane. I’m not salty about this. I shouldn’t have been swimming
in the ocean with this phone and I know that, but in this era where a lot of phones are advertised as water resistant or even waterproof, well, I wanted to share the
cautionary tale with you, so you’ll know not to make
the same mistake that I did. Folks, if you dig videos like these, be sure to subscribe to
both JerryRigEverything and the Mr. Mobile here on
YouTube and please share it, if you know someone who should know more about how waterproof
their phone is or isn’t. Also let me know in the comments if you like these kind of collabs. Maybe next time Zach and I will tackle another misunderstood
aspect of phone ratings, military spec durability. – [Zach] I’m totally in. Thanks for having me on Mr. Mobile. – [Mr. Mobile] Thank you man and thanks to you, our viewers. Until next time, stay mobile my friends.

100 thoughts on “Your “Waterproof” Phone … Isn’t”

  1. My dad accidentally fell in the pool with his iPhone 6 in his pocket. It survived but the mute switch broke and he could not get any sound out of the device

  2. my gs7 edge has been in mud puddles, the ocean, the pool and bath. I've had it for 3 years and the only problem its faced was the charger port being corroded and it's only became a problem recently which is about time to upgrade anyways so eh.

  3. I should have watched this video before going through a novel with samsung to have my N8 fixed after using it in the pool. Fortunately they're going to give me a N9 to replace it. From now on water just with a proper case.

  4. How very disappointing. For a living, I deliver things by bike. I want a waterproof, or splash-proof Smartphone, with wireless charging ability, and a wireless charging phone mount…If you don't work for companies like Postmates, DoorDash, or UberEATS, then you may not understand, how great this setup is…With that arrangement, I can near seamlessly use my phone for work, navigation, and whatever, even in the rain.

    No plugging my phone in & out, and pulling over somewhere, just to take it out, using my helmet to block it from the sky, then put it away again. I can just mount it in front of me, battery maintained, and just quickly glance at the map, or quickly tap something, like a delivery accept button, while remaining aware of what's ahead & around me. All in the rain. On a bicycle or motorcycle.

    Thank you for this video. I will continue looking for the best Smartphone for outdoor work & navigation. I will still care about IP ratings, for accidents. But to truly protect the phone from water. I will need to buy or make a special case or bag, with wireless charging & Bluetooth, being the connections to it.

    I since my plan has changed to that now, I will still get magnetic connectors & port covers, to keep dust out at home. But I guess I won't need Dielectric grease in those ports. Since I'm pursing bags now.

  5. Saw this in my recommendation so I watched it as I remembered a situation I had gotten into with a coworker. A coworker who is known for having issues with phones was telling a coworker that her phone was completely water proof and that she could keep it under water forever and it would never get ruined. She was telling the other coworker this because they were looking for a new phone and loved the supposedly completely water proof idea.

    Knowing the person that was interested in the phone was a swimmer and always talked about going to the river or the pool I thought I would help them by warning them about the salt and chlorine could potentially cause issues and might affect the water resistance of the phone but once I started explaining the owner of the phone (Samsung s8 that I owned as well during this) started accusing me of spreading lies and started chowing me out for it. I mainly felt bad because the person wanted something that they could use to take selfies in the pool/river and keep on them at all time just Incase. No matter the depth they are at or the type of water they are in.

  6. Not up to 30 minutes. At least 30 minutes. What point is a certification that assures something can withstand water for 'up to' x minutes?

  7. It's kinda scary that this video popped back up in my recommendations after getting my OnePlus 7 pro.

  8. If it goes in the toilet, then that thing is no longer my thing. Grats on the bonus fast food employee!

  9. Wish I knew this before I jumped off of a diving board in a 20ft deep lake last weekend and tried to touch the bottom. I had my phone in my pocket and went swimming for like 3 hours, the phone is completely fine though, took it like a champ no issues, no nothing, shit it's like it never even happened. But now I'm a little more informed, and maybe I'll be a little more careful next time. BTW I have a Galaxy S8, and this thing with a light case on it is a beast. I even chucked it at the pool party once to prove a point, which is that the phone is really sturdy with a Spigen case on it, or maybe I'm just really lucky.(BTW I've had the phone for about 2 years now, js)

  10. I wash my phone with a dishwasher once in a while and rinse it!!! To maintain and remove the grease of my phone from daily usage, and to disinfect as well probably, but I dont soak it!, I trust somehow my xsMax😊

  11. I like this type of videos I think you guys should do another one I’m subscribe to both channels 👍🏽👌🏽

  12. Well all I can say is thank God the Note 8 is IP68 and that Samsung did really good work repairing the LCD and screen so it can keep the water out. I was canoeing and my phone was in my bag and we capsized and it got submerged but the phone is still perfect. Meanwhile my friend jumped in the pool with his I phone x and it immediately died on him

  13. The LifeProof case for my iPhone 6+ has been stellar against water damage, both pool and ocean! I have been snorkelling in Bali off and on for about 6 months now and my condo has a pool to boot. Neither instances have the phone/case submerged in anything deeper than 2m/60” or for longer than 30 minutes at a time. Also after each water ‘session’ the device is rinsed and wiped dry within 20minutes thereafter. 👍🏼 A great investment and ability to take epic videos at 1080 underwater with excellent visual clarity.

  14. So I got this Samsung A8 and its being submerged underwater for many times(since I own this for a year now). Nothings wrong with it until it recently popped up the "moisture has been detected" even though it didn't come in contact with water for many months. So inorder to charge my phone it needs to be shutdown, plug the charger(shows moisture in USB error), then turn it to safe mode. Whenever I disconnect the charger. The moisture error will appear again.

    Just wondering if anyone encountered the same problem here.

  15. abut 3 days ago i drop my s10 in water taking videos and now when i shake it i hear a litle noise and the service says its because of water it is inside and has done damage to the camera lens and one camera can't focus anymore, idk man im disapointet from my phone i did go to the place i bought my phone and they did't take any responsibilities.

  16. Samsung Galaxy S10+
    is NOT exactly water proof or water resistant
    I never got it under water
    I only have it few times in bath
    once I noticed exact shape of fingerprint scanner
    how you probably ask
    well screen have bleached around fingerprint scanner

  17. Soo my s10 fell into the pool and my speakers and mic were muffled. I quickly dried it off and put it in rice to suck out the water and it works fine now.. but should I have rinsed it under fresh water first?? Been contemplating this all night after watching this video and hearing that chlorine can cause corrsion just as much as salt water..

  18. Please test the Vivo iQOO…
    The Vivo iQOO doesn't have an official IP rating…
    Thanks for the video man…

  19. I use my Phone to watch porn, and lets say that "accidents" happens, but my Phone is still ok and It dont even have an IP rating👀

  20. What about taking baths in your own bath tub? Is that safe if you have IP 68? I know it is not advisable but I wanted to ask anyway.

  21. A new phone will have a greater chance of surviving getting wet for longer periods since the adhesive is fresh. As it ages it will natrually loose moisture dry and crack all over which introduces the potential for water or dust to enter.

  22. Been telling people this for years. Why pay all that extra money for a feature that isnt even working like their marketing tries to promise you it does? People are so brain washed and dumb these days. Water resistance is pure fraud.

  23. My S10+ was submerged completely in the ocean in Florida last week. Ear piece stopped working for about a day. Phone is all good now. Doesn't mean I'll get it wet again.

  24. I have the Samsung Galaxy s8+ and i really want to take a under water photo of a shallow river that i used to go to when i was younger but im terrified that i will brake my phone and my ip for my phone is ip68

  25. It says water RESISTANT not water proof. So don't purposely drench your phone in water, specifically salt water and chlorine filled pools

  26. God the saltwater thing annoys me so much. I knew my phone was water resistant, and salt being an issue never occurred to me. Only after my phone's charging port corroded and died (making me use the slower wireless charging) am I watching videos like this that educate on this sort of thing. Phones advertising imo really should stress the saltwater issue

  27. Holy shit , I bought s10e today and was thinking to put it under the sink and wash it , but the first time I entered YouTube with it , this video showed in my recommendation . Thanks guys for saving my new phone!

  28. I can just say, i have several times dropped my samsung s10 into the pool at least 4 meters deep for at least 5 minutes or more. It still works, in case you wonder

  29. Wow these European people put phone in toilet. Toilet is the dirtiest thing ever these europeans are soo dirty 0:04 🤣🤣🤣 so it means we asians are better we dont put our hand or stuff in flush seat. Ewwww dirty people 😫😫

  30. Funny how the Samsung commercials show a guy dropping his note in the pool from his float, then swimming down and going right back to watching it without a care in the world.

  31. No joke, I've been washing my iPhone 8 in the sink for the last 7 months. No sign of damage but maybe I should stop.

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