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You’re All a Bunch of Phone Zombies | Hardly Working

You’re All a Bunch of Phone Zombies | Hardly Working

(falling debris and
beeping alarm sounding) (sirens sounding) – Holy shit, are you guys okay? – Yeah, what the hell was that? – Let’s find out what happened. – Oh my God, I’m so happy to see you guys. – Katie, you’re alive! – Yeah, I was so worried that. – Have you seen any other survivors? – (ironic laughing) I’m sorry. Are all three of you seriously
on your phones right now? – We’re trying to get help. I’m calling nine one one, but it’s busy. – [Woman] Keep trying. I’m checking Twitter to see if there’s any news about what happened. – And I’m on Facebook to see
if anyone knows what to do. Make sure that you all
check in that you’re safe. (group agreeing)
– Yeah, good call. – (laughing) Guys. (snapping) Hi. (laughing) Hello, over here. Reminder, there’s an
actual human being here. Did anyone even ask if I was okay? – My God, is something wrong? – Something is wrong. Seriously wrong. The three of you are
prisoners to your phones! Try disconnecting from
social media for once. – Katie, we’re using our phones to help come up with the plan. – You know, you don’t always
have to be tweet replying. Facegramming, twitterbooking,
and tinderbumbling. – We’re not socializing. We’re actually– What? No. What are you doing? – You’re going to thank
me for this one day. – Gimme my phone now! (bickering back and forth) – We have a lot to take care of. – Katie, we need to
figure out what happened so that we can do something. – Yeah, okay, mmhmm, sure,
that’s why you’re on your phone. – Shit, Twitter says that
there was some sort of power plant explosion in Hollywood. Stop hitting me. – Your hand is aggressive. – My parents are in Hollywood. God, I hope I can get through. – Maybe like me, your parents
are choosing to interact with humans instead of technology. – Mom, are you okay? – [Mom] Aly, Aly, are you there? – My God, you can’t go 10 seconds without being on your phone, can you? – What is wrong with you? – Katie, if you’re going to be like this, just get out of our way. – (sighing) I didn’t want to have to bring science into this, but
scientists have actually theorized that being on social media makes you less happy, so try
being like me for once, happy. – What are you talking about? You tweet like 30 times a day. – And you’re constantly
posting pictures of what you’re eating. – And you’re the most
miserable person that anybody has ever met. Tell me something, where is your phone? – I don’t even know. (awkward laughing) I never have it on me. Oh, here it is. – Okay.
– Yeah, well that’s it, right? – That’s why.
– Isn’t that it? – Yeah, it did get destroyed
in the catastrophe, but it doesn’t even matter because I wouldn’t be on it anyway. – That’s why you’re so upset
that we still have our phones. – No, I’m choosing to be offline. (group expressing anger) Oh my God, it turned on! My phone turned on! Hey fam– (angry responses) Hi, it’s Katie Marovitch
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100 thoughts on “You’re All a Bunch of Phone Zombies | Hardly Working”

  1. In all the sketches katie is always the most the most annoying one every sketch i want to punch katie more and more

  2. Katie is really great. I put her up there with Kaitlin Olsen as one of the funniest women in comedy. The way she does that thing where she ‘counts’ stuff on her fingers even when she’s not actually counting or even listing anything cracks me up.

  3. I would honestly kill anyone who does that kind of sht to me under these extreme circumstances, without any hesitation.

  4. Although Katie's attitude is rather patronizing and moralistic, there is a grain of truth in the fact that social media is anything but social

  5. Yo that’s incredible what you did with the set. You guys should have a cameo in a Black Mirror episode

  6. Those asshole reporters bitching about the students having their phones from the Parkland shooting in a nutshell.

  7. I would just have immediately killed Katie. Oftentimes her Hardly Working are more infuriating than actually funny.

  8. Katie -> My parents when they see me on my phone
    Katie -> My scouts chiefs while they see anybody on their phone

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