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Youtube Outdoor iPhone Film Gear – Everything you need

Youtube Outdoor iPhone Film Gear – Everything you need

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
if you’ve been following my channel for any amount of time you’ll probably
notice that around the change of season either fall or autumn or spring as the
temperatures shift to more cooler weather you’ll start to see my iPhone
and iOS videos filmed outside now I do change it up from time to time
throughout summer and winter but when I can I get outside to change the scenery
from just a white or black background or something indoors so something a little
bit different and actually a little bit more challenging to actually film so I
like to get outside and many of you ask me what devices what cameras what audio
gear and things are you using to record outside so I’m pretty big on audio and I
want to make sure that the audio sounds good but also captures a lot of the
environment so we’ll talk about all of that gear in just a moment but the first
thing that I’m using may surprise you a little bit and that’s actually an iPhone
in fact I’m using an iPhone 11 Pro Mac’s front-facing camera right now and I’m
just using that camera to record all of this and now a lot of you have been
surprised and asked me what camera am i using when I’m filming that footage and
most of you don’t realize that it’s an iPhone that’s actually that good as long
as you have the right lighting conditions it’s great outside and in
fact many people have never once commented or asked when I use the more
expensive camera outside I’ve used everything from a Panasonic s1 to
camcorders to everything and the only ones that I get comments on how good the
footage looks is on iPhone footage so I figured why use anything more difficult
just set an iPhone up and start filming with it now before I talk about all the
other gear that I use when I’m filming outside I thought I’d talk about well
trees and the reason I say that is mr. beast has partnered with thousands of
creators in order to try and plant 20 million trees in celebration of his 20
million subscribers that he just reads this is a pretty big goal but I think we
can do it with all of you out there now you can either plant a tree yourself or
if you donate a dollar to the Arbor Day Foundation or $20 or $100 for every
dollar donated they’ll plant one tree a hundred percent of that profit goes
towards planning the trees and YouTube will cover the actual transaction fee if
you use the donate button below now if you live in an area that’s been
devastated by wild fires or maybe you just don’t have a lot
of trees they are a logging area or something why not try and replenish
these trees so that generations to come can have an area to go to to either film
relax and just enjoy nature so if you’re interested in that go ahead and check
out the information in the description or hit the donate button below now of
course to record footage you’re going to need some sort of iPhone or camera and
that iPhone XR is what I recorded the majority of my footage on over the past
year or so now even though some people don’t prefer the iPhone XR I preferred
it for its consistency with video I found it to be more consistent as far as
its white balance and other settings that it adjusts automatically I would
leave everything in full auto and I found the XR did a really great job
now when you’re filming and you’re not handheld of course you need some way to
hold the phone and that’s where a tripod comes in and this is my tripod of choice
this is a Manfrotto or my Manfrotto tripod and then I have an adapter on the
top this just comes off and this holds the phone
it’s just spring-loaded this is about ten dollars this is about fifty you
don’t need one this expensive but if you want to get a different one anyone will
really do just make sure it’s sturdy and does the job
this one actually expands you can slide the legs in and out it works really well
let me go ahead and set this down now of course to film this I’m actually using a
different tripod and this is a much more expensive tripod with a fluid head it’s
what I normally use in my studio you don’t need one of these but it has a
different type of holder and the reason I have this holder is because it has a
shoe in the top that will hold a microphone or a different camera mount
or something like that so let me show you what I mean by that now this is one
of the microphones I use now I use two different microphones from time to time
and this is the rode videomic go and it has a couple accessories now I just plug
it directly into the iPhone a lot of the time but you can’t just have it flop
around so this is a shoe mount now you’ll see this just clips into the top
like this it holds the receiver for the rode
videomic go and then I just plug it into the bottom of the phone and when I do
that this becomes a wireless receiver to receive what the my
phone is sending it now this table here is a special cable that just works
between the different type of connector TRS on the iPhone versus the standard
and it’s about $10 for the cable the wireless microphone system is a little
bit more and works pretty well but it’s not something that I use all the time
the situation I would normally use this in is if I was far away from the camera
about 30 feet away right now and all you do is take this flip it to your clothes
and you can probably hear me just fine now if it’s a real windy out that’s
another use for this is is it has a wind stopped or muffler on it or some people
call it a dead cat and if it’s real windy out this helps break up the sound
of wind traveling over the microphone so it’s a lot better that way so that’s
when I use this particular microphone now the other microphone I use from time
to time is this blue-raspberry microphone and this is a really good
microphone it cuts out a lot of background noise and it’s really simple
you’ve got a headphone jack here so you can hear what you sound like
and then you’ve got micro USB and then it goes to lightning or regular USB so
you’ve got a lightning to micro USB it’s powered off the iPhone and it sounds
really good now I’m using the blue raspberry and the nice thing about this
microphone is it kind of gives you a more deep sound to your voice but also
eliminates sounds that are around you except for higher pitched sounds like
birds and things like that so you sort of get to keep the
environment but you eliminate anything far in the background so if you’ve
watched any of my recent videos when I’m outside this is what I’m using and it
really eliminates a lot of background noise in fact I had someone mowing along
probably 50 to 100 yards away you could hear it easily but you couldn’t hear it
through the microphone now the bad thing is they don’t make this anymore but it
is still available for one to two hundred dollars now if it’s really light
or bright out where you live this is a must this is a neutral density filter or
an ND filter and you’ll see it’s like sunglasses for your lens the more I turn
it the darker it gets or you can make it lighter it just depends on what the
situation is currently so all it is is a simple clamp that goes over your lens
you screw this into place and then you clip the
over the lens so let me show you what it looks like now if I turn the lens I can
make it really dark and it’s like you have a really dark pair of sunglasses on
but I can just make it a little bit lighter it all depends on your situation
now this comes in at only about twenty dollars or so and I only use it when
it’s super bright out and finally if I need some super stable footage I use
this DJI Osmo and this is a gimbal they have newer versions of these now but you
turn it on and it holds your phone in place so if I turn this on you’ll see
the phone’s kind of flopping around I’ll turn it on and it brings the phone right
up so you can use this joystick here we’ll just move it left to right it
gives you a nice pan shot or up and down and as you move it around it just stays
stable so no matter where your arm is it kind of moves around with you now I’m
walking with no stabilizer with the iPhone 11 Pro max but with the ultra
wide camera and let me switch over to the iPhone 10 R that’s on the gimbal to
show you what that footage looks like as I walk along now all of this gear will
be listed in the description below and the reality is you don’t need much more
than just your phone and a tripod and the reason I say that is because this
entire video was only recorded using the audio of the iPhone unless I was showing
you the microphones otherwise this is from the front-facing microphone on the
iPhone 11 Pro max and the other iPhones have equally good microphones so if you
want to just get out there and start recording whether it be from the front
camera the rear camera just get out there start creating and if you want to
try some of the other gear like I said it’s listed in the description if you
haven’t subscribed already though please subscribe and hit that notification bell
if you’d like to see more of these videos as soon as they’re released if
you enjoyed the video please give it a like as always thanks for watching I’ll
see you next time

44 thoughts on “Youtube Outdoor iPhone Film Gear – Everything you need”

  1. What do you think of the iPhone footage and what is your favorite camera to film or take pictures with? Thanks for watching!

  2. zollotech – I’m definitely interested in watching this video. I’m a big iPhone video guy because it’s what I have that’s handy & the picture quality is similar to my DSLR once it’s up on YouTube. At least it’s good enough for my lock picking videos.

  3. Excellent work! Concise and informative. Makes me love my iPhone even more when I see what some optional accessories can do to enhance its functionality as needed. Thanks Aaron. 😁

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  5. Good video. I got sucked into the camera gear tech money pit. All I really needed as you showed was a decent phone, mic and good light. Oh yeah content helps. Good work.

  6. Great video. I’m a contra dance musician and I have problems with filming from the stage. One of our musicians taps his foot so hard it actually makes a blip the video on EVERY beat. Any suggestions?

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  8. Great, Aaron!
    It's always nice to see a synopsis of what works for a successful YouTuber (like yourself.)
    I have some friends who do a lot of outside video (they like to hunt 🙁 ) and I'll have to send them this vid.
    Thanks, Aaron! I'll be looking into what you mentioned as I do my own shooting with video and pictures from my Mavic Air.
    As, always, love the vids! 🙂

  9. OH MY GOSH! Greatest VIDEO ever! Thank you for sharing all your tools! We planted 21 trees around our property here in Tulsa Oklahoma.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed this video and thanks to you Aaron, I’m a little more educated in the art of creating a YouTube video.

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