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YouTubers React To YouTubers Giving The iPhone 11 To Strangers For Free

YouTubers React To YouTubers Giving The iPhone 11 To Strangers For Free

– This is the post MrBeast
generation. – (FBE) So, we actually
are gonna give you some Apple products just for
being here. – (gasps) – It’s an apple product
and it’s been used, too. ♪ (dramatic intro) ♪ – (Daws) I’m gonna ask you
one question. If you get it right, – BigDawsTV.
– I love him. He’s so nice. – (Daws) You get a brand new
iPhone 11. – Ooh, I want one of those. – (Daws) They just came out
today. – Is this real? – (Daws) Who is on
the $20 bill? – Who is on the $20 bill?
– It’s Andrew Jackson? – Who’s on the $20 bill?
Is it Andrew Jackson? – That sounds right. – Let me check.
I forgot, too. – (woman) Washington?
– He’s on the dollar bill. – Washington?
It’s not that. – (man) Is it Thomas Jefferson?
– (Daws) No. – (man) All right.
– (Daws) Andrew Jackson. – Ay. – I was right.
– Yo. – I was right. – (man) Thomas Edison?
– No. – Thomas Edison? – (man) Not Benjamin Franklin.
Thomas Edison. – Yo. – Thomas Edison again? – (woman) Andrew Jackson?
– (Daws) You’re right. – (gasps) – (Daws) You get an iPhone 11.
– (woman) No, I don’t. – (Daws) You do.
– That’s insane. – Why didn’t I get to be
on this video? I knew all of them. – (woman) Are you serious?
– (Daws) Yeah. – Okay, that’s cool. – It’s a proven method
for success on YouTube, give away stuff that’s
highly expensive, make that part of the draw
in the title and the thumbnail. You’ll make that back
with a million views and that’s guaranteed million
view content right there. – (ZHC) I bought 11
iPhone 11 Pro Maxes and iPhone 11s.
I’m going to customize them using paint.
– Oh. – Oh, I saw this one. – (ZHC) How much would I
have to pay you to take this off my hands?
– I like giveaways. – (ZHC) It’s a custom painted
iPhone 11. – (man) And everything works?
– (ZHC) Yeah. Just got it from the store
three days ago. – I wouldn’t trust him. – (ZHC) I’ll give you 100
to take it. Are you gonna take the offer? I’ll give you 100 to take it.
– No, what? – (ZHC) I’ll ask you three
questions and if you get all of them right,
you get something. First is some advanced
mathematics questions. – (woman) Okay.
– (ZHC) What’s three plus two? – Eight, obviously. – (woman) Five.
– (ZHC) Damn it, she got it right.
– He just wants to give it away. – (ZHC) The third letter
of the alphabet. – (woman) C.
– She’s so smart. – I need to just go out
in public and give stuff away and get views. – (ZHC) Last question,
what’s the color of your shoes? – Okay, so these are obviously
the simplest questions. – It’s the MrBeast phenomenon. – This is the post MrBeast
generation. – (ZHC) Would you guys like
to buy something? – Yeah, I would walk
right past him. – If I was there,
I probably wouldn’t believe him. – (ZHC) It’s for sale.
We haven’t sold anything so far yet today.
– That is so confusing for people. – They confused.
They confused as hell right now. – Of course everyone’s
super skeptical like, “Why would a person
do this?” – He dyed his hair green,
’cause he’s made of money. – That’s true. – I think it’s fake,
but then again, he’s wearing all Balenciaga,
so maybe he just wants to do that. – (woman) So I just
can keep this? And I’ll never see you again?
– (ZHC) Have a good day. – (woman) Thank you so much.
– (ZHC) Yeah, no problem. – Her friend is like,
“Wait, why didn’t I dive on this first?
What the heck?” – (man) Are you serious?
– Their days were made. – (man) Bro, bro, what?
– Aw. – That guy is generous
or he really wants views or both. – They’re just trying
to get views, but they’re doing something
good at the same time. – I mean… – I’m not surprised people
are watching this. People always watch something
that they would want to happen to them. – (TechKaboom) We’re asking
seven different questions about YouTube.
– This is VidCon. – Oh, that’s over at
the convention center. – (TechKaboom) Who knows
more about YouTube? – (woman) I watch FBE a lot.
– Oh. – (woman) I watch FBE a lot.
– Wow, plug. – Wait a minute.
Those were Smosh fans. – Really?
– Yeah, we met them. – (TechKaboom) What is
the most subscribed YouTube channel?
– Depends on what time of the year.
It’s either T-Series or PewDiePie. – T-Series. – (woman) T-Series. – (woman) That would be
T-Series as of March. – So sad. – (TechKaboom) What year
was the first YouTube video posted?
– (man) Oh, it’s the elephant one. – 2005. – 2005? – (TechKaboom) He knows
the video. – It’s at the zoo. – He’s not gonna know.
– He’s not gonna get it. – He’s not gonna get it.
– Oh. – Fool. – (boy) 2005.
– (TechKaboom) 2005. Is that your final answer?
– Yes, say yes. Say yes. – (boy) Yes?
– (TechKaboom) The first YouTube video was posted
in 2005. – Whoo. – (TechKaboom) Final question,
okay? What famous YouTubers–
– The Greens. – (boy) Hank and John Green.
– This kid is killing it. – This guy knows what’s up. – (TechKaboom) The YouTubers
who founded VidCon were Hank and John Green.
– (boy) Oh my God! – That’s pure excitement
right there. – (TechKaboom) Here is your
brand new iPhone. – (boy) Oh my God.
– (TechKaboom) Nicely done. – Aw, his reaction got me. – I’d click on that,
see people’s reactions to winning things.
It’s the same reason game shows have been popular
for so long. – It’s hard to tell with these.
I feel like some of these are just to get views
and for no other reason, but at the same time,
even the ones that aren’t doing it for the best reasons,
it’s still not bad and they’re still helping people. – People are giving them out,
they’re definitely looking for views, but I feel like
as long as the end result is good, I don’t really care. – If a viewer already knows
the answer, they have already won in their hearts.
It’s like, if I was there, I would have an iPhone right now
and I wonder if there’s a tiny bit of a dopamine
release, satisfaction of knowing the answer
and being like, I could’ve won. – (FBE) So, all of the videos
that you just watched are examples of a trend
that has risen lately on YouTube where YouTubers
are giving away iPhones to random people.
So, we really wanted you to be able to participate
in this trend. – You’re giving me
a new phone? – (FBE) So, we actually
are gonna give you some Apple products
just for being here. – (gasps)
Really? – No, you’re not.
What, what? Is it FBE custom–
ah, yes. Heck yes.
5C, heck yeah. – An iPhone 5.
You know what? I love this.
Thank you. – Okay.
I don’t even think I’ve seen one of these before.
How can you beat that convenience? Look at this handle. – We’re gonna get an–
– Oh, get out. – We got an Apple 11. – That’s the new iPhone 11. – Oh.
It’s an apple product and it’s been used, too.
What, did you get this refurbished? – Get out of here.
– Bro. – This looks like a cartoon bomb.
– Apple watch. – Why is the apple ticking? – Oh.
– iPods? – (both) Thanks, FBE.
– We are so happy and blessed to be here. – (FBE) So, giveaways in general
have become a huge trend on YouTube including more
than just iPhones. – I’ve seen people giving away
money, cars, houses. – (FBE) So often times,
when a channel is able to find success with content
like this, you then see many other channels doing similar
types of videos. As a YouTuber, how much
do you consider current trends like this when you are
creating your own content? – I usually don’t follow trends
whatsoever. – We’re definitely more focused
on our brand and content that we want to make. – Not much.
I feel like my stuff is too niche and if I did
something like this, it’d just be like,
what are you doing? This isn’t you. – No, but I mean,
that’s just mainly because I don’t really make content
like that. I think it’s possible for you
to grow without following trends. – The first thing we do
when we see a trend like that is find a way to make
a sketch about it and make fun of it.
Not in a mean spirited way, but you know, satire.
– What’s funny about this situation? – Yeah. – The short answer is yes,
we pay attention to trends because that’s what
you gotta do as a YouTuber even if that’s not the content
you’re making. We don’t actually ever
follow the trends. We won’t actually heat up
a knife to 1000 degrees and melt something through it.
– Do a guillotine channel. – But we’ll make a channel
where we actually build a real, functional guillotine
and chop stuff with it. – The most important part of staying
relevant on YouTube is to constantly attract
new viewers because if you’re just
continuing to make the same content for your same viewers
without ever jumping on trends that might gain new audiences,
then they’re slowly gonna start fading out. – (FBE) So as someone
who’s been on this platform and has experienced the evolution
of content on YouTube, in your opinion, has it
always been like this where one creator finds
success with a concept, many more will make
similar types of content or is this something that’s
only started happening in the past few years?
– Oh yes. Oh yeah, oh yeah.
Constantly. That always happens. – It comes down to,
“Oh, is that a popular thing? How easy is it for me
to do that? Is it both?
I’m gonna do it, too.” Harlem Shake.
Remember the Harlem Shake? – That’s always been a thing
on YouTube for as long as I can remember
and then it becomes so overly saturated that
it kinda dies out. I think it’s happening at
a faster rate now than it ever has, though. – From the very beginning,
if something starts getting viewership,
the entire world is gonna bandwagon on it.
That’s– and I don’t think that’s
exclusive to YouTube. That’s probably been
throughout human history. – (FBE) As you probably
already know, a lot of YouTubers rely
on brand deals to help sustain being able
to do this full time. These videos, along with others,
are heavily featuring well known brands and products,
but in most cases, these are not branded videos.
From your perspective, are you concerned that
this could lead to brands not wanting to partner
with channels if there’s a chance that creators
will do it for free on their own? – Nah, uh-uh.
They’ll still hit them up. – I don’t think Apple’s been
a huge YouTube partner. I don’t think it’s gonna
close any doors. – It’s kind of unavoidable
that if a product’s being advertised all the time
for free, a brand’s not gonna wanna put
money behind that, which kinda sucks,
but you can’t blame the brand for knowing
that they’re too popular to pay for that. – I don’t think that companies
will shy away from people that are already doing it
on their own, especially if there’s a company
that specifically wants to get a certain item out.
I think they’ll be more encouraged. – I have a feeling this
is something that the smaller brands are really
gonna get into. They’ll go to YouTubers
and say, “Hey, give this away to eight people and then
also show on there how much you liked that product
to help get the name out there.” – The brand would have to bank
on you promoting their product and that’s not guaranteed.
– It’s not. – They would wanna guarantee
viewers and numbers and eyeballs.
If you’re a business with a whole bunch of money,
you’re gonna pay a creator, a YouTuber, X amount of money
to guarantee that your product gets in the video. – It’s obviously a much
safer risk free way to do it if you have a channel
that is established and is likely to get
the viewership. I know obviously, that’s how
MrBeast is able to do a lot of the mega cash
giveaways that he does is because a brand sponsor
has already fronted a lot of what’s gonna
be given away. It’s a risky play to try
to make that your core form of content
is giving things away, ’cause you have to get
the return on it otherwise you’re just
hemorrhaging money. – (FBE) So finally, back to
this trend we showed you today. If you were to ever do
something like this, how would you choose
to challenge people to get free items?
– Oh, Harry Potter trivia. – We always try to find
a way to Smoshify a trend of some kind, so I don’t know
if we would do Smosh trivia. – I would put them through trials
of wit and strength and courage. – I’d probably be
giving away Disney World tickets or something like that,
so I’d probably do a Disney question,
but make it super easy like, “What kind of animal is
Simba from the Lion King?” – I’d do bowling or basketball.
They gotta either hit a certain amount of shots
in a row or they gotta bowl probably seven strikes. – Dressing up alike,
introducing ourselves, and then asking them if
they know who’s who– remember who’s who.
– Oh. – And if they get it right,
they get the iPhone. – I’d probably ask them
a very complicated question that actually had a very simple
answer. If the Earth makes one
full, complete rotation once per day, how many
rotations does the Earth make in an entire standard year?
Answer below to win a free iPad XR Pro Nano. – Thanks for watching this
episode of YouTubers React. – Subscribe to all the YouTube
creators in this episode. – Links are down below. – What do you think about
this trend? – Please, let us know
in the comments. – (both) Bye. – Hey everybody, Lauren,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much for watching
this episode and thank you to all the YouTubers
who came in and shot with us today. If you wanna check any
of them out, their links are gonna be down in
the description. Bye, everyone.

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