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Zenfone 6 não faz feio contra iPhone 11 Pro Max, Note 10 Plus e LG G8s | Comparativo de câmeras

Zenfone 6 não faz feio contra iPhone 11 Pro Max, Note 10 Plus e LG G8s | Comparativo de câmeras

The Zenfone 6 promises to deliver better selfies than many expensive flagship phones, like the top of the line from Samsung and Apple. Will it be able to do that? We decided to test the device’s flip camera to see if it really can compete with other brands’ flagships and we include the LG G8s here too. It’s always good to remember that the photos in this video were blind-compared at which you can check by the link in the description, where are also the best deals for each of them. In the article, readers voted for the best image without knowing which device each photo had been taken with. Then we also had the blind vote of the tudocelular team to apply the technical score. In our last comparison, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus and the iPhone 11 Pro Max almost tied. Samsung fared better in photos while the Apple took the win in filming. Will we have the same fierce dispute between the two or ASUS and LG will have “a space in the sun”. Check it out now! All models in our comparison feature a wide-angle camera, being useful at those times when you can’t frame everything in the picture. No matter how good the phone, this wider lens always delivers inferior quality, and that’s clear in every shot, but Samsung is ahead of rivals and not only do we have more detailed images but also exposure, contrast and textures surpass the others. The iPhone goes well when there is a lot of light but at dusk, it already struggles when compared to the competitors. The worst here is that the Zenfone 6 produces noisy pics, even in the sunniest places. And when what you want to shoot is far away and need to zoom in? From our comparison The only one that has no optical zoom is the Zenfone 6, which was the one with the worst result. The photo came out darker and had greater detail loss than rivals while the Galaxy Note 10 Plus was the best. The problem is that its hardware zoom is limited to only to times, and when we need to go beyond all appeal to the digital zoom, and here the situation changes, The G8s was the worst of the four while the iPhone and delivered cleaner image than the Samsung. If you don’t overuse the zoom, which is the most common use scenario, you’ll get better pictures with the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. If you enjoy taking photos very closely and record the most beautiful moments of nature The choice turns out to be more complicated about which phone to buy. None have a dedicated macro camera, however, the one that recorded more details and did not struggle with the focus was the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. In this spider photo, the iPhone struggled with focus and lagged behind the G8s while the Zenfone 6 was the worst. In the flower photo, the iPhone was the most balanced and surpassed the Korean rival. Overall we think the Note 10 Plus will be able to take a little better macros than the others. HDR is essential in any camera and has to work well especially when we take pictures against the light – and this is where we see the Galaxy differential. Of the 4 it was the only one who preserved the details of the shadows and also a wooden bench in which is our model. The Zenfone 6 also did a good job and missed the contrast less than Samsung’s rival. The iPhone grained the photo while the G8s produced a darker image. Are you a fan of blurring photos with the portrait mode? None here have a specific depth sensor for this. and use the other cameras to measure the distance of the person from the scenery behind. Who got the best result was the Zenfone 6. It captures more of the scenery and delivers a blur similar to the second-ranked iPhone. In Selfies with Portrait Mode it also gets the better results and here is the benefit of its flip camera – you get exactly the same quality as using the rear one. The iPhone, once again, was second best; The G8s was the worst in both photos. As night falls, the difference between each camera becomes clearer. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus is still doing a good job and was the onde that recorded the maximum details at the flower – and the Zenfone 6 followed it Losing a bit in the textures but delivering a clearer picture. The iPhone goes on with its fad of yellowing at night, while the LG model struggles sharply. And when night mode kicks in? Apple won our last comparison, but Samsung has been chasing after releasing updates to improve the feature on the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. And didn’t it really help? From the 4 devices its was the one who recorded the clearest photo and also maintained good overall photo quality. The iPhone ends up falling to second but still with the habit of yellowing at night. The Zenfone is right behind with the G8s doing the worst job. And if you turn on portrait mode, does the Galaxy still works better? Well this is where we see the superior result of the iPhone 11 Pro Max who didn’t sacrifice night mode by blurring the background and by far was the best of the four. In second place comes the ASUS Zenfone 6, which despite the darker picture had a better color balance than the Galaxy Note 10 Plus; and once againl the LG model is the worst one. And wrapping up the photos, we have a nightly selfie – if you’re the type who can’t resist taking photos of the party It is essential that the camera handles poorly-lit locations well, keeping as much detail as possible And here the Galaxy Note 10 Plus comes out in front of the competition, but it’s not too far from ASUS’ Zenfone 6 – whichever one you choose will deliver great night selfies. The iPhone came in third and the G8s in last. The Galaxy Note 10 Plus has taken the best of photos, as in our previous comparison you can access there on cards. But in videos, which one of the four is the best? When shooting in open and bright places the dispute is very fierce between models of our comparison. The iPhone comes a little ahead with more efficient stabilization and quicker focus But the difference is small for the Samsung model. The Zenfone 6 comes in third place while G8s once again comes in last with the slowest focus. The same is true when shooting videos at night: iPhone has the least noisy picture, followed by the Galaxy Note 10 Plus; the Zenfone 6 has the darkest image, but noisier than LG’s rival which is, again, on the last position. The Zenfone has the advantage of using the same set when shooting with the front module, which maintains the same good quality. Here it is very close to the iPhone, which is the best of the four. Apple’s model has a wider lens, though, With the Zenfone you can use the ultra-wide, but you won’t be able to record in 4k at 60fps. Videos in the dark with the ASUS device are just better, while Apple and Samsung fighting for the second position. LG seems to be struggling at no time and the G8 is delivering the worst footage in any situation. In capturing audio iPhone and Galaxy are also the best. In our previous comparison, we had a fierce dispute between Apple and Samsung. With the Galaxy Note 10 Plus taking the best of photos and the iPhone 11 Pro Max catching up with the best in video shooting. Since then Samsung has released updates for the Note 10 Plus that have improved its cameras and in this comparison we saw a bigger difference between the two – the Korean model led to victory in seven out of ten clashes; Zenfone stands out when the front camera is up for grabs. It ends up equalizing with its more expensive rivals and even surpasses selfies with portrait mode. With the camcorder being used as a front module, that’s where it really hits headlong with the Galaxy and iPhone. And if we consider that the price is much lower, this flip camera move was a really smart decision by ASUS. For LG fans we don’t have good news; The brand new flagship was the worst in almost all scenarios. Its camera is far from bad but can not compete with the best in the market. And if we consider that the G8s is more expensive than the Zenfone 6, it really turns out to be disappointing what it delivers. And if you have already made your choice we will help you buy your new camera at the best price. Just click on the description links to see the best prices for iPhone, Galaxy, Zenfone, and LG devices. Please comment below what you think about the evolution of ASUS with the Zenfone 6 in cameras, and if it is really doing a great job in the face of big rivals. I’ll stick around, a big hug and see you next time!

67 thoughts on “Zenfone 6 não faz feio contra iPhone 11 Pro Max, Note 10 Plus e LG G8s | Comparativo de câmeras”

  1. A LG tem que parar de inventar essas tecnologias inúteis igual ao airmotion e dar prioridade em outros aspectos, como o Wesley disse a câmera do G8s está longe de ser ruim, mas tá abaixo da concorrência desse jeito a LG não se destaca

  2. A Asus poderia fazer um celular focado em câmeras, e colocar tela Amoled, pra ver o que dá contra esses monstros, o problema é que a Asus vai querer deixar o preço de Iphone, Asus tem que aprender com Samsung e Xiaomi.

  3. O zenfone 5 tem vim com mais câmeras e processador de 128gb e 256gb e 512gb de memória interna e memória ram de 8gb

  4. Quem ganha ??? iPhone , sempre nesse canal , até o satélite da nasa perde porque aqui e super tendencioso kkk só passei pra deixar o deslike nem perco tempo vendo mais!

  5. Nossssaaaa, qual o nome dessa modelo? Linda demais Jesus amado … Até esqueci que e comparativo de aparelhos.. aliás, quais são os aparelhos mesmo??????

  6. O Asus Z7 vai ser com três câmeras ou até mesmo 4, com sistema retrátil e câmeras giratórias como no Samsung A80, querem apostar?

  7. Tudocelular faz análise de alguns celulares da marca realme; mais especificamente dos modelos realme X2 pro, realme X2 e realme 5 pro. Por favor. Gosto muito de trabalho de vocês e esclarecem bastante dúvida 😍

  8. Zenfone 6 não chega nem perto do iPhone 11 Pro Max, Galaxy note 10 +. Mas Pro tudo Celular tá bom muito perto até dá Piada 😂😂😂🤣🤣👈

  9. Me surpreende como a Asus consegue apresentar bons resultados ano a ano mesmo tendo entrado muito tarde nesta corrida.
    Mas a pergunta que fica é : Cadê o Pixel ?

  10. Resumindo : LG tá lascada 😂 Asus mandou bem nesse aparelho, Samsung e Apple pau a pau… Pelo custo fico com o note 10, mas, desvaloriza rápido… Nesse caso o iPhone se torna o melhor ❤️

  11. GALAXY S10 PLUS, GALAXY NOTE 10 PLUS sao um dos melhores de 2019.
    Como sempre a sul coreana sempre na lista dos melhores do ano, na maioria das vezes ate lidera os aparelhos do ano.

  12. Realmente o ZenFone e bom o que estraga é a assistência técnica pois a mesma não existe no RJ só em São Paulo e quando volta o celular não é mais o mesmo……

  13. Thiago_Azevedo • 1 hora atrás
    Na minha opinião:
    F-1 – iPhone
    F-2 – iPhone
    F-3 – Note 10
    F-4 – LG G8
    F-5 – Note 10
    F-6 – iPhone
    F-7 – Note 10
    F-8 – iPhone
    F-9 – iPhone
    F-10 – iPhone
    F-11 – Note 10
    F-12 – iPhone
    F-13 – iPhone
    F-14 – iPhone
    F-15 – Note 10

  14. Não achei as fotos do lg tão ruim assim como vc falou vendo o vídeo ele a maioria das vezes ele fica idêntico com o note 10

  15. Queria só ver a comparação só que com a Gcam no 855 da Zenfone haha, em vídeo acho que não vai ser tão melhor, mas em foto meu amigo… não sei não em kkkk

  16. Fiquei triste ao trocar meu s10 plus pelo note 10 Plus perdi minha entrada de fone e a segunda câmera frontal mas comprei um Galaxy buds e já nem lembro mais dos fones com cabo….

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