100 thoughts on “Zombie vs iPhone X Face ID”

  1. Just cover your face below your nose with your hand it still unlocks that means it recognise the upper part of your face what i want to say is that video was pointless

  2. That is amazing! 😀 Literally lol, the face makeup, latex and etc is perfect and I cant believe that it matches your face!! Like, whaat. Im shook, but it is so cool. I love your videos! 😀 lmao.

  3. It might have unlocked because of the one part of your face that really stayed the same- your eyes. Some phones scan your irises/ eyes so that if you get surgery or dye your hair or something, it will still let you in.

  4. Omg! You should change the title to “GETTING LIP INJECTIONS?!” And put you face with lip injections as your thumbnail!!!

  5. I had a bunch of stuff on my face and it wouldn't unlock my X Max….but it seems to place a lot of weight on your eyes looking directly at the iPhone. something as simple as sunglasses will make the phone not recognize you

  6. The effects of the distorted face are from our human eyes' illusions, The iPhone does not care abt what is on the user's face, it just wants to know how the user's face surface looks like.

  7. maybe the reason that it keeps on noticing your face is maybe cause of the shape of your face or your eyes shape or eye color

  8. Is a great product>>>ur2.pl/1248 I love the size, is better than having the plus version. Wireless charging is a great feature, a little bit late in the market, but we thank for it.

  9. Hi Justine, how's it going, love your videos, so I don't know what you did to make it work but it doesn't work for me at all, it lets me create face ID but it doesn't recognize me at all. I can't unlock my phone with face ID i have to always put my passcode in it's super annoying -_- ugh

  10. Can Jenna or Bree trick the iPhone lock so the phone things it is you Justine,whit the same process? #ijustine #itsmejennae

  11. I was skimming through the video when I came to 7:52 and I was so so surprised and scared I didn’t expect that😂😱👌

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