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ZTE Fury Screen Repair Fix, Android Phone

ZTE Fury Screen Repair Fix, Android Phone

So today we’re going to take apart the ZTE
Fury from Sprint. To start off with there are 7 screws all around the outside. I’m
going to speed this up so you don’t have to watch me taking off each one. One of the
screws is underneath that little sticker, it’s the void sticker. Just so you know,
by taking apart the phone and stuff you void all the manufacturer’s warranties. But it’s
a pretty simple process so you shouldn’t have too many problems. To start unclipping
the screen from the frame, I started at the bottom of it. Then you can see as I take my
pry tool and kind of slide it along the edge here. There are probably about 4 clips on
either side and then a few at the top and the bottom that snap open. They separate right
where the color meets the silver. When you pull the two pieces apart make sure you make
sure that the motherboard stays down on the top of it next to the screen and doesn’t
pull away with the bottom half of the phone. As you can see, all of the different components
of this phone are soldered onto the board, so there’s really nothing else that you
can replace without getting super technical into the soldering aspect. There are three
ribbon cables attached to the screen: the bottom one I just did by the battery, this
one right here that goes to the screen, and then this one right here by the top. Basically
you just take the little tiny clip and slip it up. Flip it up right along the edge and
then you wiggle the ribbon cable out very gently from the edge. They are pretty, you
know, resilient, so you shouldn’t have too many problems, you know, ripping them or tearing
them or anything as long as you’re fairly gentle. There are no screws holding the motherboard
down so just pull away. And then this is the whole screen. Putting it back together. The
motherboard does kind of clip into place….not clip so much, but it sits really firmly between
the screw holes. And then get the ribbon cables back into place. That was one of the hardest
parts, getting them to line up. So once again just be gentle with them. And then once the
ribbon cable’s all the way inside of the little holster for it, you can just slide
down the little latch which locks it all into place. The back plastic itself just clips right back
on again. Make sure you run your hands along both sides, and make sure all the latches
are in place. Then you can take all the screws and put them back in. And any latches that
you missed, like any clips that didn’t clip into place, will clip into place once you
get the screws inside. Toss in the battery and you’re good to go. Anyway, I do post
lots of phone teardown/rebuild videos, at least once a week. So go ahead and “like”
if this video helped you, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks!

66 thoughts on “ZTE Fury Screen Repair Fix, Android Phone”

  1. Sorry man, I get all my parts from, and the phone is too new to have any parts listed there yet. Give it time and there will be. Usually takes about 3-5 months after the phone is released. Ive never really tried looking on other sites.

  2. I changed mine and after i done that i turned black u still can hear it working but the dispay ok the screen will no come on pls help

  3. Your digitizer (the Glass part) is dead. The chance of it ever starting to work again is like 5%. Youll need to replace the screen. And even then it isnt for sure. The port on the motherboard (where the digitizer plugs in) might be fried. Phones dont handle alcohol well.

  4. There is usually a set of gold pins that are where the antenna is on the motherboard. Not receiving signal isnt something that can normally be fixed by a replacement part. Usually that is built into the motherboard.

  5. My phone keeps restarting over and over again like the sprint sign goes on then fades away then comes back on again please tell me how to fix this

  6. Sometimes there are dead spots in the digitizer. I work with this phone alot and it i has always had similar issues. If sprint cant issue you a new phone (they might charge you 50 for the warranty) then you will have to replace it yourself.

  7. You just saved my life! My SIM card got stuck and I had no other way to get it out than to take the phone apart! Thank You!

  8. I took my phone apart and unscrewed it and everything, and when I did, I noticed one of those cable things weren't attached. I think that may be the reason why my phone screen is black. Can this be fixed?

  9. If it was just the connector that wasnt attached, then ya, just clip it back in. But if it was the end that is tied into the screen then no, there is no fixing that. You'll need to get a new screen.

  10. Thanks for this video.  I was able to expose and fix the power button problem I had because of this video to show me how to take the whole thing apart.

  11. The screen of my zte warp 4g its acting all weird, it changes colors, its like a glitch screen some time's it wont work.

  12. hi sir. my phone touch screen wont work anymore but if i turn the power ON its really ok and the volume also is working but the my problem is the whole touch screen wont work anymore and also the home… is there any chances to fix this?

  13. how to repair ON/OFF power? my phone is falling down in my hand and the power is sink or what (sorry i'm not perfect to speak english please understand my word) please help me…

  14. ZTE phone screen is unresponsive, It turns on normally but when I try to touch the screen doesn't work.

  15. So I have an Android Pantech 4G phone, not connected to any wireless network or anything, idk if I have a warranty because my mom gave me it since it was originally her phone. Anyway, I accidently dropped it on the floor and now the display screen is showing black and white bars. I can still navigate and whatnot but when I lock the phone or open the lock screen it shows black lines and then goes to the main screen with all my apps, etc. Idk how much it costs to get repaired and I don't have money to get it replaced. I don't even know for sure what's wrong because this is the first time I've seen this happen, when I dropped it before, this never happened.

  16. I need your help my phone screen have white vertical lines on the upper part of the screen how can i fix that .. Please help me ..

  17. Your video era very good and easy to follow and was easy to understand. I had my phone fixed in just a few minutes. Thanks.

  18. have a phone identical and the touch just stop working.the phone didnt drop or was not hit in any kind of way.could it be the digitizer?phone shows great but cant touch,the power and volume works good also.

  19. i dropped my android phone and it looked like a slightly older model than that phone. but everytime i turn it on the screen is blank white. the touch screen works but its completely white

  20. so I have the same phone in the video and the screen is broken plus the display behind the screen if I get one of the screen replacements in the description will that fix everything or just the screen itself?

  21. i have phone and white screen when turn on. will a new screen fix problem? I can still see contents of phone in usb to computer but screen is pure white 🙁

  22. please, does anyone know how I change my screen sleep time on my zte? it's such on 30 seconds. it shuts off if I'm watching anything. I've tried the settings and my only options are 15 or 30 seconds. I set it there but now trying to change it but can't. Please help me. thanx.

  23. i have the ZTE Avid Plus. can I do the same thing?! sweat got it in. I believe through the speaker and it is fuzzy. the phone is only a month old. it is still new. i really don't want to buy another one. ugh.

  24. For some reason my phone will act normal then lock up and crash with multicolored bars across the screen then shut of while I'm watching videos or playing an app, it also says it's updating apps and no matter what I do it won't stop

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